delyera (delyera) wrote in intelite,

Community Promo - SUCCESS!

I did some community promotion, so I'm hoping it will help this community to take off a little more. If there are any new members as a result of said promotions, please post and blah blah blah blah BLAH.
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Joined. blah blah blah-ing.

Also, on the userinfo page, you have " trolling are greatly discourage."

should be discouraged I think?

How are you going to determine "stupidity," as anything more than personal taste?
Yeah, typo there, I think.

As far as "stupidity" - that will be pretty much determined by common sense. I see what you mean about "personal taste" so I think I'll subject it to more of a community idea. If the common consent is that something is "stupid" then it will not be tolerated. I guess we'll all just see as stupidity arises, because I'm sure it will.

I'll get around to editing the info in a bit.