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About Intellectually Elite (Intelite): This community was created to be the forum of people who want to discuss things of all nature in an intelligent way. Humourous things are greatly encouraged whereas idiocy and trolling are greatly discourage. Seriously, heads will be lopped off without question.

Who Can Join: Anyone but you. No really. Anyone can join, as long as they're willing to present ideas in a rational and intelligible way. What is meant by that? Please no netspeak or leetspeak, please use at least semi-correct grammar and punctuation, and also please run your posts through the spell-checker. Above all else, respect other people.

What to Post: Anything and everything. Seen a good movie? Heard an interesting quote on the bus? Want to propse a solution for killing of the stupidity in the world? Taken or drawn a good picture? Post it!

What Not to Post: Stupidity. Period.

What's Up With the Interests?: Yeah, there's a lot. A good chunk of them are from the musical Rent's "La Vie Boheme," which is why there're some bizarre things.